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Who we are Santiagua

Santiagua S.L. It is a project full of enthusiasm, which grows every day thanks to the fact that we have the best framework in the world to develop it, the Cantabrian Coast.

We are a company dedicated to the organization of the Camino de Santiago, adapted to current demand with one main objective: To generate the expansion of responsible diving with sustainable tourism in the Bay of Biscay.

In addition to this, we seek other objectives such as:

  • GENERATE a new tourism offer with the launch of Peregrinosub.
  • PROMOTE the ateendance of international divers in our dive centres.
  • CREATE a strong circle between our dive centres and tourist ofices. Offering and advertising The Camino de Santiagua.
  • PROVIDE an addes value to The Cantabria coast in order to generate an EXCLUSIVE interest.

Behind all this, there is a passionate team that strives every day to make this EXPERIENCE a reference for adventure and fun throughout the world.

Santiagua team

What makes us special

  • We are committed to a pioneering initiative in the world of diving
  • We offer an exclusive adventure along the Camino de Santiago
  • We put quality before quantity, for sustainable tourism
  • We were born as a company with ecological values
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If you need more information let´s contact us:

(+34) 610 735 002
(+34) 638 138 445

(+34) 646 626 766
(+34) 616 490 485